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Sleeve Genie

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The Gürtel Clou

The Gürtel Clou organises belts, ties and necklaces

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A ‘Clou’ed product portfolio with sales potential

The ‘Clou’ in the company name says it all. We bring our own products and services to the market, all of which have that ‘special something’, smart and surprising in terms of quality, functionality, originality, usefulness and aesthetics. Our vision: create originality and avoid imitation.


Our vision: Creating originals and preventing plagiarism

Strategically, our company focuses on the development of intellectual property. As a small, innovative company, we specialise in self-developing products for uncongested future and niche markets, where higher profit margins and strong market penetration can be achieved through distributors. Develop products that have a technological advantage through patents and other intellectual property rights, which can demonstrate your market maturity. Larger customer groups can be pursued in the mass market through licensing agreements.


Know-how in patent law - synergies through network partners

The know-how of a company, as well as its creative/innovative assets, is founded on experience in intellectual property law (German and European patent law, sample models, design models, trademarks) as well as licensing and other forms of distribution with suitable partners. Mr. Peitzner Lloret is also a lawyer.

Our company accesses relevant partners in wholesale, distance trade, and stationary high volume retail.


The Bügel Clou

The still young company has achieved its first real market success with their self-developed brand product, the Bügel Clou. It is the ideal aid for ironing sleeves, replacing the long-standing sleeve board, which was awkward to use and not much help. The Bügel Clou is used for the easy ironing of shirt, blouse and sweater sleeves, and is flexible – one device for all sizes, S – XXL. It enables sleeve ironing in just one go, protects the fabric as both sides are ironed equally, and is an ideal addition to the ironing board thanks to the magnetic bracket. Distribution partners of the Bügel Clou include innovative mail order companies such as Pro-Idee, Westfalia, Berlet, Innova, and the product is of course available at and our own online store,

The Gürtel Clou organises belts, ties and necklaces

The Gürtel Clou is the second product innovation and fresh on the market. Designed as a belt holder, this ‘sweetheart’ is a very emotional and at the same time useful product. In bright red with a green ‘love letter’ around the neck it makes the heart beat faster! The design protected product has a ‘Clou’, and that is the locking mechanism – interlocking wire ends that can be opened and closed with one hand. This allows for the easy insertion and removal of belt buckles. Advantage: Only the buckle you want is removed (the others are simply pushed to one side). To date available at

Sleeve Genie EU

The new sister product for the English speaking EU market is distinguished by move vivid colour packaging. The ever-popular blue was spiced up a little for customers in the UK and France. Apart from the logo, the product is designed and functions exactly the same as the Bügel Clou. The EU trademark has been registered. Do you know a suitable sales agency or trading partner in the retail sector, or are you interested in becoming one yourself? Great! Please contact us! 


For the USA, in contrast to the European market, the product required additional warning labels on the packaging, due to stringent US laws relating to product liability and obligations of the manufacturer. The packaging for this variation is in gold, indicating the corresponding value. It is an otherwise identical product to the Bügel Clou. A brand name has not yet been registered. Do you know a suitable sales agency or trading partner in the retail sector, or are you interested in becoming one yourself? Great! Please contact us!