Find new ways
to arrive at innovation.


Your innovation coach


In contrast to the classic innovation manager who understands methodology and repetitive processes, Clou Innovations acts as your trusted partner and coach, searching for the methods most appropriate to your business, thereby enabling broad based innovation. Working with you, we will be your spark, bring out your inspiration, and work out how to deliver your most original and useful innovations to your customers and the market. We are convinced that you can’t do this with ‘off the shelf’ methods. Of course, there are important and widely recognised principles of success that we will continually reflect in the course of forging your innovation. In the end you will have better and more original products and services that make sense to your customers!


Consultation principles

Clou Innovations specialises in innovative product and service development.

The ‘Clou’ in the company name says it all. We bring our own products and services to the market, all of which have that ‘special something’, smart and surprising in terms of quality, functionality, originality, usefulness and aesthetics. Our company wants to create originals not copycats.


You can be sure that the same claims we make for our own products will be reflected in the quality of our advice regarding your innovations.


In consulting to your business, we naturally think through a variety of approaches for your next successful innovation, for example, the recombination of universal design principles (where possible), observing Rogers’ factors, innovation not imitation, open innovation, cross-industry checks, a focus on simple, logical products high aesthetic values that will be loved, simple instructions, understandable services etc.