Strongly connected.
An excellent network
for your innovation.

Strongly connected.
An excellent network for your innovation.

The next innovation projects from the House of Clou are already in the pipeline!


Hygiene product

We have just tested a new and exciting hygiene product for the mass market together with the FH Potsdam Department of Design, Hambach and Rühle GbR, and a partner with industry specific know-how.

We are currently seeking a patent. The product is expected to hit the market in 2016 at the earliest.


Urban space design

Another project deals with design of urban public spaces, and aesthetic improvements in the communal spaces of a city.

We are searching for a pilot city.

Innovations / industry partners with waste management expertise are wanted for a private-public partnership.





We are looking for an international business club with a high reputation for a very special Academy. An Academy that makes it its duty to graduates and society to be as modest as perceived, viewed in a different light but with significant social benefits.